Friday, July 23, 2010

My first knitting project!

One of the things I wanted to do when I changed my business over to patterns was to find the time to take up knitting. I have tried a number of times during my life to start knitting and both Grandmother's spent more than one afternoon trying to teach me but it never stuck. Now I was determined! So I cracked open my Reader's Digest Knitting book and got to it!

With a few false starts and some ripping out of stitches I eventually got the hang of it:) I visited my LYS (Local yarn store!) and got some lovely cotton yarn and a super cute pattern for Shiloh. I'm proud to say I have finished the front and back (and even knitted them together!) and just need to complete the sleeves. Sadly the sleeves seem super complicated and I might dumb them down or I'm afraid I won't finish the top before the summer is over:)

Here is a pic in progress and a pic of the pattern. I decided not to do stripes given that it was my first knitting project. I'm pretty proud of myself!

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