Friday, May 6, 2011

Coveted Men's Jeans

Dh now works at a school where he cannot (gasp!) wear jeans! Luckily we have KS 3504! This is the third pair of pants I've made for him using this pattern. With a slight reduction in the rise and waist the fit was terrific. This time he wanted the narrow leg (instead of the boot cut). I finally conceded (I like the boot cut better!)

These ones are a green khaki twill with burgundy top-stitching. The next ones will be chocolate with yet-to-be-determined top-stitching color...any suggestions?

Lisette Passport Jacket

I wanted a cute little jacket to wear with my more dressy shirts (as opposed to the Jalie fleece I've been wearing!). I thought the Passport Jacket had a unique look. I added two more buttons and lengthened the sleeves by 3" to make them full length. The pockets are a great size for my keys! I chose to make a size 12 because I wanted it to be big enough to fit over a long sleeve knit shirt and not just a sleeveless dress as pictured on the pattern. It is a bit on the large side, I probably should have done a 10 but I still love it.

I found that the instructions were well written but there were a few things lacking. For example, you need to finish the curved raw edges of the pockets before sewing them onto the body of the jacket or you will not be able to serge them all the way around. You need to finish the princess seam edges of the side-front piece and front piece after the welt piece, pocket and pocket facing have been sewing on.

Other than that everything went well. I did a ton of grading on the front facing and collar so that the floral fabric didn't show on the front. The floral is an Amy Butler print that I love. I wish I had used it for the welt pocket pieces just to add to the jacket.

All in all I love the jacket. The collar is very unique, slightly Asian but a little different. It is quite warm because it comes up so high.

Lisette Patterns!

I was so excited to find the Lisette sewing patterns! They are trendy but unique enough not too look like you were shopping at Old Navy:)

I made my first "wearable" muslin for view C from the Traveller (Simplicity 2246) from a bedsheet from Goodwill. I wear a US size 2-4 and measured at a size 14 for the pattern. I know that Simplicity always adds a ton of ease to their patterns so I measured another rtw shirt that was a similar style and chose to make a size 8. The bust fit perfectly but the waist was a bit tight. I took out some of the seam allowance and a tiny bit of the back darts and the fit was great.

I also cropped the skirt portion to a shirt length and curved the edges. I really like how it came out:) The instructions were really well written but not over the top. Great pattern!

For my "good" version I chose to make view A. I decided to make the size 10 in view of the fact that the size 8 was a bit tight. The fit is perfect with no alterations!

There is pink topstitching to go with the pink belt. After wearing it for a day I might add tiny belt loops as the belt sort of slid around a bit.

All in all I love this pattern:)