Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kids love to store treasures! Free Pocket Pattern

I wanted to be able to share my super cute pocket pattern with everyone. This pattern can be downloaded and printed right at home for free! Sizing for newborn, small, medium, medium/long, and large. Use this pocket pattern with any Apple Dumpling Gear Longies and Shorties style patterns: the Original Longies and Shorties pattern, the Peach Tree pattern, the Playground longies pattern and the Blossom longies pattern.

Download here.


1) Download and print your pattern. Make sure to turn off the scaling on your printer before printing. Double check that the 1" square is in fact 1". Make sure to print in portrait.

2) Cut out the desired size for your pocket.

3) Fold your fabric right sides together and lay your pattern piece onto the fabric. Trace around the pattern piece with a washable marker. Transfer the fold lines for the pocket facing onto the fabric.

4) Lay your pocket pieces wrong side up on the table as seen the following picture. Fold along the fold lines to hem the pocket. Pin and sew close the the raw edge. Use a stretch stitch such as a double needle, zig zag or three step zig zag so that the stitching doesn't pop when your little one puts their hands into the pockets and stretches the fabric.

5) Lay out your pants on the table, right side up with the crotches facing each other. Place your pocket pieces onto the pants as directed on the pattern.

6) Pin the curved edge of the pocket to the pants. Stitch with a straight stitch, 1/8" from the edge of the pocket, thereby attaching the pocket to the pants.

Note: You may choose to baste the top and side of the pocket to the pants before sewing the pants together.

7) Sew the pants together following the instructions supplied in the purchased pattern.

8) Enjoy your adorably cute treasure pants!

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